Green Mining | Keliber: Sustainable processing of lithium ore
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Keliber: Sustainable processing of lithium ore


Name: Litiummalmin kestävä prosessointi (Sustainable processing of lithium ore)

Acronym: LIKEPRO

Duration:15.3.2013 – 31.12.2015

Total costs (€)/Tekes support: 621 868 € / 217 654 € (*).

Organisation: Keliber Oy (0752546-7)

Contact person Olle Sirén, Keliber Oy, olle.siren(at)


Research organization partners: GTK Mintec (**)

Company partners: Outotec (Finland) Oy, CTS Engtec Oy, Minscime Oy (**)

Need and motivation of the project:
Target for the project was to improve the developed lithium carbonate production process towards more sustainable and cost-effective direction by improving the material and energy efficiency of the process.

Main targets:
The main targets were to test, evaluate and develop alternative methods, such as optical sorting, wind classification and dense media separation (DMS), to improve the cost and energy-efficiency of the beneficiation process of lithium ore and at the same time reduce the future CAPEX and OPEX of the whole lithium carbonate production.


Key results and impact

Project reached the set targets. It gave valuable information of the possibilities and disadvantages of the wind classification and especially dense media separation (DMS) related to the recovery of lithium vs. impurities in the final lithium carbonate product. Project also generated quantitative information for the selection of energy production technology for the whole lithium carbonate production process. Company received essential information for the selection of unit processes and preliminary instrumentation as well as for the selection of the main equipment.

Commercialization status (demos, pilotings, investments, products, services): In development stage (pre-commercialization).


(*) Actual costs. The last payment decision from Tekes pending.

(**) LIKEPRO was SME project with research and development work subcontracted from different organizations and companies. The main subcontractors were GTK Mintec, Outotec (Finland) Oy, CTS Engtec Oy and Minscime Oy.