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The Green Mining programme’s background


Tekes Green Mining programme was launched on June 2011.  The programme was scheduled to last five years, ending in June 2016. The initiative for the project was Finland´s mineral strategy, launched by the Ministry of Labour and the Economics 2010.  The program has been implemented in close connection with the Action Plan “Making Finland a Leader in Extractive Industry”, launched by the ministry 2013.

Timeline of steps taken in mining industry after 2008 in Finland

The Finish green mining program was focused on two major themes:

New mineral resources

  • Exploration technologies
  • Geomodels and geodata management
  • Hi-tech metal resources
  • Benefication and use of country rock and tailings

Intelligent and minimal impact / Invisible mining

  • Innovative processes
  • Digitalization
  • Chemical/ biological enrichment tehchniques
  • Management on process water
Finnish Green Mining concept summarized

Key figures


Total volume of the Green Mining programme at the end of June 2016 is approximately EUR 115 million. The original budget was almost doubled. Tekes innovation funding covered approximately EUR 55 million (48 %), out of which 60% is grant and 40% loan. The project portfolio consists close to one hundred projects and incorporates more than 170 participants from different domestic and international organizations.

Project portfolio total 115 m€

Tekes funding, M€0%
Company funding, m€0%
RDO/University funding, m€0%

Number of projects


176 participating organizations

Technology and service companies0%
Exploration and mining companies0%
Research organisations/universities0%
International partners0%

Considering the subcontracting from SMEs and from research organizations by the companies´ projects, the financing has distributed quite evenly among various organizations.


Large companies




Research organizations / Universities

The main emphasis in research organization and university driven project has been in development of water processing and management. The company driven projects have focused on machinery and mineral processing.

Focus of research and university driven projects, totally EUR 30 million
  • Water

  • Processing

  • Waste

  • Measuring

  • Exploration

  • Social aspects

  • Other

Focus of company projects, totally EUR 85 million
  • Processing

  • Machinery including service

  • Water processing and management

  • Measurement technology

  • Other

Overall focus of Green Mining Program, totally EUR 115 million
  • Water processing and management

  • Mineral processing

  • Waste processing and management

  • Measuring technology

  • Exploration

  • Social aspects

  • Machinery and maintenance

  • Other

The Green Mining programme’s outcomes


Project report summaries can be found here 

In course of the programme several international seminars have been arranged in Finland and abroad. To facilitate the international cooperation, programme paid a delegation visit to Australia in the beginning of 2012.

As a result of the projects several thesis, patents and invention discloses have been submitted and startups founded.

15 BSc, 28 MSc, 5 DSc

2 patents, 4 invention disclosures

97 reviewed publications, incl. submitted manuscripts, 171 other publications and reports

The projects in the program covered well the entire value chain of mine development and operation.