Green Mining | EHP-Tekniikka: EnMonCon Global
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EHP-Tekniikka: EnMonCon Global

Name: EnMonCon Global

Duration: 02.11.2015 – 31.12.2017

Total costs (€)/Tekes support: 493 038 € / 345 000 €

Organisation: EHP-Tekniikka Oy

Contact person: Risto Hiljanen, EHP-Tekniikka Oy, risto.hiljanen(at)


Need and motivation of the project: EHP-Tekniikka has developd an unique monitoring concept EnMonCon, which unites on line measurement, laboraty analysis, field measurements, IoT data management and reporting with Early Warning systems to one holistic solution. This offers a great step forward when speaking about environmental safety and efficient environmental monitoring globally.

Main set targets: To establish two EnMonCon pilots together with heavy industry in Europe to show how the concept works

Key results and impact:  Two operating EnMonCon concepts and thus the usage of the have a solid platform and needed references

Commercialization status (demos, pilotings, investments, products, services): Piloting, when the project will progress enough.